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Change and what we can achieve in 30 days

Whilst the song may say that “Love is in the air..” my experience talking with CEO’s and business people is that “Change is in the air..” – not so catchy and certainly not as well embraced. The result of this … Continue reading

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How much should we practice?

Ever wanted to learn a new language, play the piano or guitar or tennis? Writers such as Malcolm Gladwell have researched this topic and suggest that 10 years of practice or 10,000 hours are required to master a skill. Of … Continue reading

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Education – reducing divergent thinking. Do we need a new model of learning?

In this RSA animated presentation by Sir Ken Robinson he poses the question as to whether we need a new model for education instead of the post-industrial factory approach that has as one of its biggest trends ADHD. He shows … Continue reading

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Resilience training – bleeding heart soft or army tough?

I was reading an article that HBR does on leadership lessons from the armed forces and came across this blog on Resilience Training in the U.S. Army. Resilience, optimism and positivity are inter-related and I have personally sponsored such training … Continue reading

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How can service areas like HR increase their influence?

I know what it’s like to work in a service division (I spent 13 years in Human Resources or Personnel as it was sometimes called back then), rather than in the front line business functions of sales, manufacturing or product. … Continue reading

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The biggest mistake a leader can make

In this video from a number of leading academics, and posted on HBR site – see they identify what they believe to be the biggest mistakes leaders make. It is an interesting selection that includes the following; a) self-interest … Continue reading

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Six Keys to Achieving Excellence

Tony Schwartz is president and CEO of The Energy Project and has written a number of books. In this article he offers his view regarding how to develop skills to an excellent level. This extract from his HBR article includes the … Continue reading

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