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How can service areas like HR increase their influence?

I know what it’s like to work in a service division (I spent 13 years in Human Resources or Personnel as it was sometimes called back then), rather than in the front line business functions of sales, manufacturing or product. … Continue reading

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The biggest mistake a leader can make

In this video from a number of leading academics, and posted on HBR site – see they identify what they believe to be the biggest mistakes leaders make. It is an interesting selection that includes the following; a) self-interest … Continue reading

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Six Keys to Achieving Excellence

Tony Schwartz is president and CEO of The Energy Project and has written a number of books. In this article he offers his view regarding how to develop skills to an excellent level. This extract from his HBR article includes the … Continue reading

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How do you foster innovation?

How do you foster a culture of innovation? Here’s 50 ways to make a start…from ideas champions at .  Of course the foundation for innovation is the organisational culture which is needed to support the level of creativity and risk … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done

For those struggling with overload at the moment a you tube video called Getting Things Done by David Allen (author of a book by the same name and a website at ) may hold some ideas on how best … Continue reading

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Why do leaders need to focus on building trust?

A UK study has found as little as 10% of employees trust what senior managers are saying about the performance of their business. In the absence of trust leaders will miss out on so many more aspects of employee … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Sins of Setting demands (or goal setting)

During my development as a leader I was urged to set BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and whilst this can be useful in generating new thinking (e.g. a 40% increase in revenue is not going to be achieved with a … Continue reading

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