The biggest mistake a leader can make

In this video from a number of leading academics, and posted on HBR site – see they identify what they believe to be the biggest mistakes leaders make.

It is an interesting selection that includes the following;

a) self-interest (it’s all about me, me , me – big pay, lots of options, fly me first class etc)
b) being “too certain” and not recognising the dynamic and changing environment
c) Arrogance
d) Not living to the espoused values (personal or organisational)
e)  Acting too fast – executing before thinking and evaluating – failing to seek advice and input
f) Lack of integrity
g) Over-enamoured with their vision – lose capacity for self-doubt – from passion to obsession
h) Not self-reflective – doesn’t review their behaviours (bulldozer rather than learner)

The failure to recognise their responsibility for staff, shareholders and customers as well as other stakeholders seems to be a critical one that I identified and have experienced from poor leaders.  They focus solely on financial and fail to recognise that a business is a system and without due attention and care to all aspects then the outcomes such as financials will eventually suffer despite some short-term gains. (For an example of poor leaders you may want to check Wikipedia reference for “Chainsaw” Al Dunlap)

What’s on your list?


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