Reflections on Leadership experiences

Recently I left an organisation after 11 years in a leadership role that included great financial, sales and customer results.

At the end of that time I look back and reflect upon those things that I am most proud of and find an analogy with De Bono’s comments about soup. “Water is necessary for soup but not sufficient”.

Achieving revenue growth, profit growth and building value are all necessary for one to regard a career as successful but they are not sufficient.

A legacy that leaves people who are highly skilled to carry on and continue the growth is also critical. Another issue, however, is foremost in my mind as I calibrate my effectiveness as a leader.

The question that is most critical to me is whether I provided a work environment in which people were able to;
a) be their best
b) develop and grow both personally and professionally
c) participate in the key decisions and directions of the business

From some very kind comments made by my staff in writing and my person reflections I feel pleased that I was able to make some impact across all of those things.

So my challenge to all leaders is what are you doing to enhance the workplace in which you operate and ensure that what you leave behind is a legacy that you will be proud of?


About Curious and Interested

Former Leader and Manager now writer and coach. Enquiring, Curious, Buys more books than can ever read but still reads a lot. A sucker for gadgets...Ipad, Kindle, Chromecast, apple watch. I aim to improve understanding and cause reflection. Not claiming to be the expert.
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